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Chef Jeremy Herzog Brings Parisian Pastries to Vientiane


I walked into Jeremy Herzog Patisserie on an average evening wanting something flavorful and was not disappointed. I tried three cakes, had an unfortunate incident with a spoon, and was treated like a Michelin Star restaurant judge.

Upon opening the door, I was greeted by a lamp-man …

Food Review: All-American All Star Burgers

American All-Star Food Catering

On a cool lazy Sunday afternoon in Vientiane, it can be so comfortable at home that stepping out for food is  just not an option. My friends and I figured we would try out a burger from someplace new, so we gave American All Star Catering a try, and oh

Kualao Prepared to Host Delegates for ASEAN Summit


Nestled on the corner of the capital city’s landmark That Dam Intersection, Kualao Restaurant is ready to serve the over 5,000 guests and delegates expected to accompany the various Heads of State/Government attending the ASEAN Summit and Related Meetings next week in Vientiane.…

Savannakhet’s Famous Xeno Grilled Chicken Now in Vientiane


Vientiane residents don’t need to travel to the Xeno area of Savannakhet province to buy the famous grilled chicken since a new restaurant opened in Vientiane last month.…

Vientiane: Best Chinese Food Outside of China


It’s boom time in Laos. The country’s unprecedented economic growth has inspired the country’s powerful neighbors to rush in for a slice of the pie.…

Bolaven Plateau: A Coffee Lover’s Utopia, Deep In the Heart of Laos

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 5.06.02 PM

From Colombia to Kenya, many of the world’s coffee-growing regions are amongst the most idyllic places on Earth. A bucolic tableland in southern Laos, the Bolaven Plateau is no exception.