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Film Review: Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell Film Review

A couple of nights ago, my wife and I watched the 1995 Ghost in the Shell original anime for the first time in something like 15 years. I wanted to refamiliarize myself with the source material before buying my ticket, moreso because of the two years of controversy that began

What We Know About Tham Kannalikham, Melania Trump’s Handpicked Interior Designer

Lao American Interior Designer Tham Kannalikham

Social media has been going wildly insane about Melania Trump’s handpicked interior designer, Tham Kannalikham, who is expected to make the Trump’s feel more homey at their new private quarters in the White House with her reputed design prowess.

Members of the Lao community within Laos have digitally, unanimously expressed their …

Nineteenth SEA Write Awards Winner Satisfied With Success

SEA Write Awards

The nineteenth winner of the SEA Write Awards Soubanh Luangrath is proud to have been recognized as an outstanding writer for the country and will continue his endeavors to promote Lao literature.

The poem “Mounmang Langmanmork” (The Heritage Behind the Clouds) written by Lao writer Soubanh Luangrath was selected as the best

Silvère Jarrosson Shares Techniques With Aspiring Lao Artists


French artist Silvère Jarrosson was been invited by the French Institute and Alisa Phommahaxay to give courses at The National Institute of Fine Arts. Jarrosson holds exhibitions worldwide and has developed a new style of painting that he taught and demonstrated to the students.

After talking about the history of innovative techniques in art …

Lao Film Picked Up By International Cable Network, HBO

Lao Film Picked Up by HBO

In an exciting new development for the Lao film industry, director Anysay Keola’s 2011 film At the Horizon premiered on RED by HBO on 30 November 2016.

At the Horizon is Laos’ first crime thriller, and now, Keola is the first Lao filmmaker with a movie on a major cable …

Alisa Gallery Brings French Urban Art to Vientiane

For the first time in Asia, the Alisa Gallery headed by Alisa Phommahaxay, one of the curator associates for Art42, invites seven French artists from this collection to show their work. Entitled “Art42, Hors Les Murs // Extramural : Vientiane,” the event will be held from the 

TEDxLaneXangAve Reveals Promo Poster


The organizers of TEDxLaneXangAve, the first-ever TEDx event in Laos, have just recently released their promo poster.

It features a stunning artist’s rendition of the iconic Patouxay Monument in the sleepy capital of Vientiane. The silhouette-like nature of the famous structure reflects the situation in which Laos finds itself …

LPB Film Festival Releases Movie Lineup for 7th Annual Event


The Luang Prabang Film Festival (LPFF) is pleased to release the lineup for its seventh annual event, which will run 2-7 December 2016.

Official selections are made by experts and critics from across Southeast Asia referred to as “Motion Picture Ambassadors,” and represent a carefully chosen collection of what …