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Malaysian Banks Continue Expansion in Laos


Malaysian banks have continued investment and expanding the number of branches in Laos as the country’s economy continued its stable growth, according to a leading Malaysian official.…

How a Japanese Strawberry Gets to Laos


Japan has a lot of work to do if it is to reach the government’s goal of exporting an annual 1 trillion yen ($10 billion) worth of food.

Before Japanese produce and other ingredients can make their way to the rest of Asia, they have to clear structural barriers. Then …

Indonesia Eyes Further Cooperation with Laos

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Hydropower, tourism, potassium, and medical treatment are among the sectors Indonesia has its eye on for prospective cooperation with Laos, based on the Lao PDR’s abundance of natural resources and the skilled labour on offer in Indonesia.…

Thousands of Cubic Metres Veneer Legitimate for Export


More than 12,456 cubic metres of veneer exports have been permitted despite the government prohibiting the export of all types of unfinished wooden products.…

Seno Grilled Chicken Area Plans to Become Rest Stop for Region

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The Seno area of Savannakhet province, known for its famous grilled chicken or pingkai Seno (Seno grilled chicken), has plans to be moved as the area will become a rest stop for drivers traveling along Road No. 13 South.…

Laos Casino Savan Vegas Gets $400m Counter-offer From Europe-Asia Consortium

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A Europe-Asia consortium has made a cash counter-offer of $400 million for the assets and 50-year gaming concession of Savan Vegas Casino & Hotel Entertainment Complex in Laos.…

Ministry Reduces Fuel Prices

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Petrol stations across the country lowered the retail prices of petrol and diesel yesterday after the Ministry of Industry and Commerce issued an announcement on fuel price reduction last Friday (August 12).…

Economist: Kip Strong, Not Overvalued


Even though the Lao kip is strong the currency is not overvalued, according to a leading local economist.…