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Residents Await Compensation for Nongkhang Airport Lands


Huaphan province wants to help the people affected by Nongkhang airport construction that are suffering from a lack of rice to eat after losing their rice plots to the scheme.

The Hoang AnhGia Lai Joint Stock Company (HAGL) is responsible for the construction of the airport in Xamneua district’s Nongkhang …

NA Session Ends after Approving Laws, Financial Targets


The National Assembly (NA) has approved a GDP target of 600 trillion kip over the next four years, also setting the average economic growth rate at 7.2 percent a year, and average GDP per capita at US$2,978 by the end of 2020.

The targets were set during the Assembly’s second …

Amended Investment Law Offers Tax Incentives, Shortens Concession Period


Amendments to the Investment Promotion Law offer more tax incentives and shorter investment concession periods in a bid to attract more investors while ensuring closer scrutiny of their operations.

A draft amendment to the law, which was passed by the National Assembly (NA) last week, shortens the investment concession period …

Laos is World’s Greenest Country


Among Asian countries, Laos has the highest percentage of forest area at 92.1 percent of the total area of the country. On the other hand, India, Bangladesh, Mongolia and Pakistan are among those with the least forest area.

Bhutan (81.5), Brunei (79.7) and South Korea (63.7) are also among Asian …

Korean Companies Eye Trade Expansion in Laos


One-on-one business consultations were held between company representatives from the Republic of Korea and Lao buyers in Vientiane yesterday as part of efforts to boost international business cooperation.

The consultation meeting was a part of the Chungnam Trade Mission 2016 which was organised by the Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency …

Thailand Encourages a Dangerous Addiction to Debt in Laos


Laos is back in the Thai baht debt markets again, with issuance from the Republic coming just two months after the country’s government-owned utility EDL-Generation tapped the domestic market of its sovereign neighbour.

The Lao People’s Democratic Republic is looking to raise 11 billion baht, or around US$310 million over

Laos Set to Launch Fifth Bond Issue in Neighbouring Thailand


The Lao People’s Democratic Republic will launch an offering of baht-denominated bonds in the Thai market this week to raise up to 11 billion baht ($314 million) after finding a way to comply with restrictions on the repatriation of proceeds.

The frontier-market sovereign has been keen to raise funds prior …

Growth of Geographical Indications in South East Asia


Geographical Indications (GIs) serve as powerful tools to protect local products from domestic as well as international competitors, by guaranteeing their quality and origin. While their legal justification has been subject of much debate, South East Asian nations have decided to use them as tools of their economic expansion efforts.…