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Lao Rocker ‘Sack Cells’ Goes Viral in China with “Belt and Road” Song

Sack Cells Belt and Road Song

Athisack Ratanavong, or more popularly known as ‘Sack Vong Cells’, is recognized in Laos as being a talented rock musician and singer for his work at Indee Records. However, the Lao national has recently caught the attention of people in China with his soft rock track, “Yidaiyilu”, the Chinese

Film Review: Beauty & The Beast

Beauty & the Beast

By Bruce Worthington
To be perfectly honest, I didn’t expect to like Disney’s live action update of their Oscar-nominated animated film
Beauty and the Beast. The trailer has been screening at Vientiane Center for the past six weeks, and while the music certainly stirred up a bit of that nostalgic

Laos Crowds Go Wild for Thai Actress Aum Patcharapa


Aum Patcharapa made a memorable visit to an extremely packed Vientiane Center Shopping Mall for a Mistine+Ka0na event in which the Thai actress received deafening applause from the young adult crowd in Laos. Known for her sizzling, sexy model shots and wide-ranging acting talent, Aum holds the title of one of the most popular Thai …

Lao National Television to Broadcast News on YouTube

Lao National Television

Lao National Television has confirmed that it will begin to broadcast news on YouTube.

The station has recently signed an agreement with Music Rights Management of Thailand Co., Ltd., to begin a news broadcasting service on YouTube.

The agreement was signed with the Thai company to protect the copyright

That Luang Lake Walking Street: Vientiane’s Newest Night Market

That Luang Lake Walking Street

Vientiane Capital has an insatiable appetite for night markets. For a city that not so long ago fell asleep at sundown, evening activity has steadily increased over the last few years. Residents now enjoy a variety of locations to spend their evenings. And now there’s one more option: the That

Asia Peak Aims High in Nong Khai


Asia Peak, a mega-development tourism complex is in the plans for Nong Khai. Asia Peak will be a huge wholesale, retail, and entertainment center located behind the Asawann Shopping Complex and behind the Nong Khai Provincial Administration Office, covering an area of 48,000 square meters.

Several Thai investors saw the …

Silvère Jarrosson Shares Techniques With Aspiring Lao Artists


French artist Silvère Jarrosson was been invited by the French Institute and Alisa Phommahaxay to give courses at The National Institute of Fine Arts. Jarrosson holds exhibitions worldwide and has developed a new style of painting that he taught and demonstrated to the students.

After talking about the history of innovative techniques in art …

Lao Film Picked Up By International Cable Network, HBO

Lao Film Picked Up by HBO

In an exciting new development for the Lao film industry, director Anysay Keola’s 2011 film At the Horizon premiered on RED by HBO on 30 November 2016.

At the Horizon is Laos’ first crime thriller, and now, Keola is the first Lao filmmaker with a movie on a major cable …