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Laos to Raise Standards with First National Food Safety Laboratory

Laos Food Safety Lab

As of this week, Laos has launched its first official National Food Safety Laboratory in Vientiane. The much needed two-storey building boasts 25 laboratories equipped with sophisticated testing platforms, and will serve as a  reference centre for the control of food quality across the nation.

The US$1.5 million project began

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Mango Ice-Cream!


Nothing screams ‘summer’ louder than ice-cream, and no one does ice-cream better than Swensen’s. With the hottest time of year steadily approaching, Swensen’s variety of scoops,  smoothies, and sundaes will be sure to cool down everyone in the family.

Though mangoes are delicious all on their own, the sweet, fleshy …

Four More Reasons to Visit The Pizza Company


When people think of ‘pizza’  it’s undeniable that The Pizza Company will be one of the places that will pop into their heads. Known for their assortment of high quality toppings and efficient service, The Pizza Company does so much more than just pizza. From a fully stocked salad bar,

Temple View Cafe: More Than Just The View

Temple View Food

By Jasmina

You may have heard the saying, “out with the old, in with new”. As we collect new things in life, we tend to shove the old towards the back of the closet, or in this case, our minds. The same can be said for some of our favorite

Bakery by Boris: A Parisian Retreat in Vientiane

Bakery by Boris Laotian Times

By Jasmina

Though Bakery By Boris has opened its doors to the public just this month, the good people of Vientiane have been satisfying their sweet tooths with Boris’s distinguished cakes since 2014.

Before the debut of the brick and mortar version of Bakery By Boris, the 27-year-old French …

Villa Opera: Homely High-end Italian in Vientiane

Villa Opera Italian Food Vientiane

I have found a quiet bit of Italy in Vientiane where the homemade pasta is bellissimo.

After the closure of the Italian restaurant L’Opera, near the Mix Fountain, Mr Pino Peruzzi has re-opened for business with another Italian Restaurant, called Villa Opera. Villa Opera is situated just one block back …

Parfums Chocolats is the Chocolatier Vientiane Didn’t Know it Needed

Parfums Chocolats Featured

By Jasmina

There are two types of people walking the face of this Earth: the type that share their box of chocolates, and the type that don’t. I’m a ‘don’t’ type. And the reason for that is, other than being incredibly selfish, I’m one of those people who take a …

A First Look: The Largest Lao Food Festival in Laos

Lao Food Festival 2017

The much anticipated 12th Annual Lao Food Festival officially opened at the Chao Anouvong Park in Vientiane Capital today, exhibiting a variety of foods from across the nation.

The aim of the festival is to bring attention to Lao cuisine, and to showcase some of the little-known dishes that are