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Maternal Mortality Rates Still Unacceptable in Vientiane Hospitals


With so much effort and focus being directed towards free healthcare for mothers, it has been made clear by an obstetrics expert from the Ministry of Health, that if mortality rates within mothers are to drop, national obstetrics and gynecology services must improve.

Due to the lack of medical training

Free Healthcare For Young Children; A Work in Progress

healthcare for young children

In a country that is considered below par on accessible healthcare, Lao officials are putting their best foot forward and attempting to provide free healthcare to all children under five at government hospitals.

According to the Ministry of Health, the new policy aims to upgrade health facility development and provide …

What Are China’s Investments Costing the People of Laos?


In the past 5 years, the lush green rice fields and orchards that once danced endlessly across the Lao countrysides, have been replaced with more Chinese owned banana plantations.

While Laos isn’t among the world’s top banana producers, banana production in the small country has erupted. In 2002, Laos produced …

National Assembly Addresses Sewage Problem

waste water

To avoid causing further deterioration to the country’s water resources, National Assembly members have prompted for urgent efforts to be taken over the discharge of sewage into the water supply.

The National Assembly made their position clear on the amendment to the Law on Water and Water Resources, at the …

Locusts Swarm Northern Laos Wreaking Havoc on Crops


The Northern provinces of Huaphan, LuangPrabang, Oudomxay, Phongsaly and Xieng Khuang have been invaded by locusts, reaching plague proportions despite attempts to control the insects with chemical sprayings.

After receiving more insecticide, spraying machines and other equipment from China, Lao and Chinese agriculture officials have teamed up to brainstorm ways

Government Encourages Contraception Among Adolescents

lao mother

In an effort to reduce maternal and child morbidity and mortality rates, Laos will focus on reducing the unmet need for contraception to 13 percent, and increase the contraceptive prevalence rate from 42 to 65 percent by the year 2020.

During the first National Family Planning Conference held in Vientiane

Dengue Fever Cases Surge From Previous Year

dengue fever

With the goal to prevent and control the outbreak of dengue fever, a warning to the public has been issued by the Health Authority of possible outbreaks and awareness on the spreading disease.

According to the Director of the National Centre for Laboratory and Epidemiology, Dr Phengta Vongphachanh, from January …

50 Dengue Fever Cases Already Reported in 2017

Dengue Fever

More than fifty cases of dengue fever have already been reported across Laos since the beginning of 2017.

The Surveillance Unit of the Ministry of Public Health has warned that although the nation has implemented strategies to reduce outbreaks of dengue fever, there have already been multiple cases reported this …