WHO Commends Laos on Efforts to Reduce Tobacco Demand

WHO Commends Laos on Efforts to Reduce Tobacco Demand

Whether you are a smoker, ex-smoker or non-smoker, the graphic health warnings on a cigarette packaging has more than likely caught your attention. The More »

Laos Urges Thailand to Extend Border Hours

Laos Urges Thailand to Extend Border Hours

In an attempt to maximize further opportunities for tourism in both countries, Laos has strategically requested Thailand for longer hours at border checkpoints. Lao More »

Small But Steady: Lao Businesses Expanding Abroad

Small But Steady: Lao Businesses Expanding Abroad

When people think of Laos, they think of a third world country that has been somewhat eclipsed by larger, surrounding nations for centuries.  However, within More »

Government Issues Order to Cut Superfluous Spending

Government Issues Order to Cut Superfluous Spending

In an effort to decrease frivolous spending, government officials have announced that new vehicle purchases for State administrative affairs will be restricted for 2018, More »

Maternal Mortality Rates Still Unacceptable in Vientiane Hospitals

Maternal Mortality Rates Still Unacceptable in Vientiane Hospitals

With so much effort and focus being directed towards free healthcare for mothers, it has been made clear by an obstetrics expert from the More »


Laos to Link to Vietnamese Oil Pipeline


A feasibility study has shown that a proposed oil pipeline designed to connect Hon La Harbor in Vietnam to Kammuan province in Laos, will reduce petroleum prices for the country significantly.

As previously reported by The Laotian Times, the Laos-Vietnam oil pipeline project is an ambitious plan to import …

Laos and France Bolsters Ties

france flag

In an effort to propel Laos from Least Developed Country status by 2020, the French government is continuing to support and assist many sectors within the country.

Since 1994, the French Development Agency (AFD) has supplied EUR 80 million in loans and has dispensed EUR 150 million into grants, pledging …

National Assembly Seeks Price Stability

expired foods

The price of merchandise in Laos, specifically food products, has been under tough scrutiny by the public for many years. Social media has given disgruntled citizens a platform to criticize the cost of goods that can vastly differ between markets and shops within the same city, suggesting to the government

Free Healthcare For Young Children; A Work in Progress

healthcare for young children

In a country that is considered below par on accessible healthcare, Lao officials are putting their best foot forward and attempting to provide free healthcare to all children under five at government hospitals.

According to the Ministry of Health, the new policy aims to upgrade health facility development and provide …

Vientiane Expressway Route Reviewed

Vientiane Expressway Project

Much has been speculated on the six-lane, 14 km Vientiane expressway that will run from Lao-ITECC in Xaysettha district to Dongmakhai village in Xaythany district. With completion slated for 2019, ministries are now examining where the route will pass through to ensure that densely populated areas are avoided.

As previously

2017 Road Tax Delayed Until August


With the Ministry of Finance issuing 2017 road tax stickers in August, vehicle owners should be prepared to pay a higher road tax this year.

Though an increase has been confirmed, the percentage it will be increased by is still undetermined. The Tax Department is currently in discussion with National …

Latest Ransomware Virus Targets Thailand, Is Laos Next?


‘WannaCry’’ ransomeware may sound like a silly name, however this computer virus is anything but.

This global cyberattack is the latest virus that has been rapidly sweeping across 150 countries and terrorizing over 200,000 victims. Though it has yet to be seen in Laos, several digital billboard advertisements were taken …

What Are China’s Investments Costing the People of Laos?


In the past 5 years, the lush green rice fields and orchards that once danced endlessly across the Lao countrysides, have been replaced with more Chinese owned banana plantations.

While Laos isn’t among the world’s top banana producers, banana production in the small country has erupted. In 2002, Laos produced …