WHO Commends Laos on Efforts to Reduce Tobacco Demand

WHO Commends Laos on Efforts to Reduce Tobacco Demand

Whether you are a smoker, ex-smoker or non-smoker, the graphic health warnings on a cigarette packaging has more than likely caught your attention. The More »

Laos Urges Thailand to Extend Border Hours

Laos Urges Thailand to Extend Border Hours

In an attempt to maximize further opportunities for tourism in both countries, Laos has strategically requested Thailand for longer hours at border checkpoints. Lao More »

Small But Steady: Lao Businesses Expanding Abroad

Small But Steady: Lao Businesses Expanding Abroad

When people think of Laos, they think of a third world country that has been somewhat eclipsed by larger, surrounding nations for centuries.  However, within More »

Government Issues Order to Cut Superfluous Spending

Government Issues Order to Cut Superfluous Spending

In an effort to decrease frivolous spending, government officials have announced that new vehicle purchases for State administrative affairs will be restricted for 2018, More »

Maternal Mortality Rates Still Unacceptable in Vientiane Hospitals

Maternal Mortality Rates Still Unacceptable in Vientiane Hospitals

With so much effort and focus being directed towards free healthcare for mothers, it has been made clear by an obstetrics expert from the More »


Laos Going Green, Aims to Plant 20 Million Saplings


In a commendable effort to restore 70 percent of forest coverage by 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry aims to farm over 20,000 hectares of tree saplings.

In prior years, Vientiane has planted over 2.7 million seedlings on nearly 400 hectares, with an estimated 90 percent survival rate. The

Officials Drafting Order to Regulate Entertainment Venues


Officials are in the process of drafting a prime ministerial order on the management of bars, night clubs, entertainment venues that promote the consumption of alcohol and gambling sites, that are located within 500 meters of educational facilities, hospitals and other specified locations.

According to an official from the Ministry

National Assembly Addresses Sewage Problem

waste water

To avoid causing further deterioration to the country’s water resources, National Assembly members have prompted for urgent efforts to be taken over the discharge of sewage into the water supply.

The National Assembly made their position clear on the amendment to the Law on Water and Water Resources, at the …

Cooking in the Slow Lane: The World Catches Up To Laos

Slow Food Laos

The world finally catches up to what Laos does best, writes MICK SHIPPEN.

Hemmed in by culinary giants Thailand, Vietnam and China, the cuisine of Laos has never enjoyed the attention it deserves, but one Vientiane chef is determined to change all that.

In this fast-paced world of ours, some …

Khampha and the Ivory Princess Unites Performers From Laos and China


In a celebration of culture and cooperation between the strengthening partnership of Laos and China, 150 talented performers between the two countries, premiered an impressive stage production called “Kampha and the Ivory Princess” on May 9th at the the National Cultural Hall.

“Kampha and the Ivory Princess” is based on

National Assembly Opposes Sole Judge Court Proceedings


The National Assembly has voiced their opinion, opposing just one solitary judge presiding over court cases, big or small.

During the ongoing NA session on Wednesday, National Assembly members declared their stance at the debate on the amendment, emphasizing that having a solitary judge overseeing a case is an easy …

Tourism Unites Cambodia-Laos- Myanmar-Vietnam plus Thailand


On Wednesday, May 3rd, the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism hosted the Regional Workshop on Methods and Strategies in Implementing Public Private Partnerships in the Tourism Sector for Cambodia-Laos- Myanmar-Vietnam plus Thailand (CLMV+T) in Vientiane Capital.

The workshop was organized to gather representatives to discuss various struggles in the

Officials Follow Through; 15 Concessions Revoked


After failing to achieve their end of the agreement, fifteen mining operations have had their concessions rescinded by the government due to unsuccessfully demonstrating any advancement in the projects that had been proposed to officials.

During the ordinary session of the National Assembly last week, Minister of Energy and Mines, …