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Regional Transport Infrastructure Remains Challenged

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Despite limited funding, Laos has been doing its best to develop and improve most of the regional transport infrastructure that passes through the country.

This was the message delivered by Deputy Minister of Public Works and Transport, Dr Santisouk Simmalavong, when speaking at the third session of the United Nations …

Water Route to Sky Lake in Attapeu Remains Unexplored


Attapeu province has yet to conduct a water route survey to the popular NongFa (Sky Lake) after the provincial governor approved a proposal some months ago.

Developing a water route to NongFa is considered to be the most comfortable way for visitors to access the site and also see natural …

Mystery Jars and Remains Unearthed in Naxaithong

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A total of five jars containing remains, estimated to be over 100-200 years old, were unearthed by a local farmer recently who hired an excavator to prepare a rice field in Nanga village, Naxaithong district, Vientiane.

Laos Remains Free From Dengue Outbreaks So Far


Laos has been quite silent this year in regards to any potential dengue fever outbreaks even as some countries in ASEAN are still facing rising dengue infections.…